Law Enforcment Intelligence

Who We Are

At the Law Enforcement Intelligence Group (LEINTEL), we are passionate about intelligence led policing and we are focused on empowering entities in the law enforcement domain to successfully turn their data into actionable intelligence.

The LEINTEL team consists of individuals who have real world experience in the law enforcement analytical and intelligence world, as well as like-minded IT people that understand the need to rapidly respond to the requirements of law enforcement domain.

What We Do

LEINTEL provides easy access to data and enable crime analysts and criminal intelligence officers to perform their analysis without the time consuming and cumbersome task of assimilating data. We support intelligence-led policing models where data analysis and crime/intelligence analysis are central to a decision-making framework that facilitates crime reduction through both strategic management and effective enforcement strategies.

We have developed the trust and confidence of our clients through our understanding of their unique requirements for the law enforcement domain and the successful implementation of data integration and analytic solutions. We are recognized for our long term commitment to the success of our client's information led policing initiatives.

At the LEINTEL, we differentiate ourselves in the law enforcement domain by providing end-to-end integrated data integration, visual analytics applications, agency specific reporting content, domain specific training, and ongoing client support that are relevant to the law enforcement domain.

We work with command staff, crime analysts, crime intelligence personnel, information technology personnel, and administrative support to ensure that we enable a "whole-system" solution integrated throughout the organization.

Our Clients

Our typical client has a RMS and CAD vendor that, not only does not provide easy access to the client's source data, they actually inhibit the effectiveness of our clients ability to access and transform their source data into actionable intelligence.

We understand the frustration that results from this relationship and we provide access to the data on behalf of the client as well as the analytics and reporting required to fulfill the clients mission.

Contact The Law Enforcement Intelligence Group to Get Your Intelligence Led Policing on Track

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